Machine Learning Internship

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Machine Learning Internship Overview

What you’ll Learn : Practical Internship ( Details & Promo Videos)

Session 1: Capturing Video Using Python

You will learn to capture video, using python, resizing the frame, and will also learn, to apply different color conversion methods, to the captured frames.

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Session 2: Working with Haarcascade model

Using Python and Open Cv, you will learn, to Detect Face, Eyes, and, Smile, Using, Haarcascade Trained Model File.

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Session 3: Face Recognition and SMTP Protocol

You will use OpenCV and machine learning algorithms to search  for faces within a picture and notifying the image through E-Mail. 

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Session 4: Working with Keras and Tensor Flow

You will learn to detect, face mask, using a camera, Keras neural network library, and TensorFlow open-source library, with voice-based instruction using python.

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Session 5: Working with Caffe Model(s)

You will learn to work with real time object detection using deep learning and Open CV.

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Session 6: Drowsiness Detection with Python

You will learn to work with Drowsiness detection with open cv and python and will integrate Barola’s Microcontroller with a buzzer for notifying us while drowsiness is detected.

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Session 7: Medicine Dispenser (Poc) with Python

You will learn to create a automated medicine vending machine and configure questioners for the dispenser to function.

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About Machine Learning Internship (Click to Open/close)

Do you want to build systems that learn from experience? This Machine Learning with Python and Hardware Integration course dives into the basics of machine learning using Python IDE and Arduino IDE an approachable and well-known programming language.

You will work with the basic of open cv, numpy, haarcascade model, caffe framework, tensor flow, and Keras. During this course you will learn to read video frame, Eye Detection, smile detection, Facial Recognition with Auto Email Alert System, Object Detection, face mask detection with voice based instruction – An Awareness based project during pandemic, Using Barola’s Hardware Trainer kit you will also learn to connect Machine learning concepts with the hardware for visualizing proof of concepts like , Drowsiness detection with Auto alert system and Any time Medicine Dispenser (ATMD) Proof of concept with Barola’s Hardware Trainer kit.

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Internship Outcome (Click to Open/close)
  • Learn Basics of Machine learning using python, Electronics and Soldering.
  • You will be able to focus on Real-time Application.
  • You will be in a position to Integrate software-based solutions with Hardware for developing proof of concepts.
  • You will be able to design and implement various machine learning algorithms in range of real-world applications.
  • You will be able to apply right tool to build and will be in a position to decide your project.

Internship Benefits (Click to Open/close)
  • Python is the best fit for Machine Learning and AI Based Projects.
  • This course will show you a new dimension of connecting software and hardware for machine learning applications.
  • Career prospects for Both Software based and Hardware based Industries
  • This course allows you to develop creative thinking and problem-solving abilities by analyzing different applications.
Career Prospects (Click to Open/close)

Some of the areas in Industrial fields

  • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Software/hardware developer
    • Human- centered Machine Learning Designer

Why do we use Barola’s Microcontroller and integrate with open-source platform (Click to Open)
  • Barola’s Microcontroller is an In-house developed Microcontroller, Made in India.
  • We use open-source platform as, it reduces the license cost for students, it is flexible and adaptable, more transparency and constant improvements are a hallmark of open-source platform.

Poc (proof of concept)is always a challenge at low-cost, but not anymore as Barola’s Microcontroller can be integrated to any open source platforms like Arduino, Python, which helps to bridge the gap between a reliable hardware and software and allows you to test your concepts and projects