Drone Internship

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Drone Internship Overview Video
What you’ll Learn : Practical Internship ( Details & Promo Videos)

Session 1: Fabricating and Assembling, Barola’s award-winning & Patent Applied, fixed wing Non-Powered Glider.

You will learn to fabricate and assemble, Barola’s Design patented applied and award-winning, fixed wing Non powered Glider using locally available materials.

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Session 2: Fabricating and Assembling Multi-rotor Quadcopter Frame.

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Session 3: Disaster Management Application.

In session 3, you will learn to work with Digital Port by connecting the Fire Sensor with Auto Alert system, programming it, and visualizing the output.

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Session 4: Agriculture Management Application.

In session 4, you will learn to work with the Bluetooth port by connecting the Bluetooth module with the Sprayer motor, and will create an android mobile application to control the motor for the pesticide spraying project/POC using Android Mobile Application.

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Session 5: Health care Application.

In session 5, you will learn to work with the Analog port by connecting the IR pulse Sensor, programming it, and visualizing the output in the serial plotter.

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SESSION 6 : Weather Monitoring Application.

Connecting DHT11 Sensor to Barola’ Microcontroller visualizing the output in the serial monitor.

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SESSION 7: Weather Monitoring Application.

Integrating the Wifi Module and connecting it to the IoT Server

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About Drone Internship (Click to Open/Close)

We are all getting familiar with the image of a drone in the sky. Although flying a drone is fun, drones are not toys. More and more UAVs are used by governments and companies to gain answers and insights on nature, agricultural, disaster, health-care, 3Dmapping etc.

Our Drone Internship, the modules are prepared by industry experts and academicians along with our engineers. The internship is indented and phased to start from beginner’s and take you to the possibilities of Drone Technology.

No previous knowledge of drones, flying systems, autonomous technology, or flying experience is required. Join us as you start your drone journey.

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Internship Outcome (Click to Open/Close)
  • Learn the Basics of Fabrication, Drovionics (Drone+Electronics) and soldering.
  • You will learn and understand the knack of building Glider, quadcopter, and will learn to Fabricate and assemble all the parts.
  • Understanding Tools, power system and knowing the right and smart way to build a Models.
  • You will be in a position to create customized Mobile Applications.
  • Learn to work with user friendly coding environment and create simple programs for Applications like Agriculture Management, Disaster Management and weather monitoring using Open-source Platform.
  • You will be in a position to store the sensor parameters data in the Internet of Things server platform for Data Prediction and Analysis.
Internship Benefits (Click to Open/Close)
  • You will not only learn fabrication abut also work with real time applications.
  • Boost your career opportunities by exploring different industries like Hardware Development, Drovionics Programming Industry, Image processing Industries etc.
  • Learning about agriculture, disaster, health, weather management which will give better knowledge about situational awareness, airspace management, communication and gathering critical sensor data.
  • Increase your knowledge awareness on working with Android Mobile Application and Internet of Things Platform.
  • Understanding DGCA regulations on drones.
  • 100% Practical Training Engineering (Complete Hands-on Training)
  • Modules are developed by our engineers with experience of over 10 years
  • Have trained over 41600 Students Pan India in 10 Years
  • Our certification will be useful for placement and higher studies
  • First of its kind Internship on Technology & Department specific modules
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Internship (Latest in ISO Certification)
  • Learn all about emerging technologies and career opportunities.
  • Learn advanced technology at Affordable cost
Career Prospects (Click to Open/Close)

Some of the areas in Industrial fields

  • Anti- Collision and Anti- Drone Industries.
  • Civilian and military Applications based industry.
  • Communication & Controlling.
  • Reliable Power System and fail-safe Management.
  • Renewable Energy Support System like Solar Systems, Hydrogen fuel cell etc.
  • Designing & Fabrication Industries.
  • Sensors Engineering.
  • Data Logging (Internet of Things) & Cloud Management.
  • Image Processing.
  • Drone Infrastructure Management.
Why do we use Barola’s Microcontroller and integrate with open-source platform (Click to Open/Close)
  • Barola’s Microcontroller is an In-house developed Microcontroller, Made in India.
  • We use open-source platform as, it reduces the license cost for students, it is flexible and adaptable, more transparency and constant improvements are a hallmark of open-source platform.

Poc (proof of concept)is always a challenge at low-cost, but not anymore as Barola’s Microcontroller can be integrated to any open source platforms like Arduino, Python, which helps to bridge the gap between a reliable hardware and software and allows you to test your concepts and projects